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Maidu PTC

The logo for the Maidu PTC - Maidu Parent Teacher Club
Thank You to Our Fun Run Sponsors

Thank You to Our Fun Run Sponsors

Thank you to the 2019 Corporate Sponsors of our Fun Run. We are so appreciative of your support!

Finance of America Logo
Johnson Ranch Sports Club
Grover Real Estate
Welcome to Maidu PTC

Welcome to Maidu PTC

Welcome to Maidu Parent Teacher Club (PTC)! As a parent/guardian of a Maidu student, you are a member of the Maidu PTC. Maidu PTC raises money to help fund activities, assemblies, and classroom/library supplies. Maidu PTC also hosts fun low-cost or no-cost all-family events. Last year, PTC organized a fall festival, movie night, skate night, talent show, ice cream social, book fair, and helped support math night, Sami’s circuit exercise event, the art docent program, and more!
There are so many ways you can get involved. Here are some ways to get started. 
  • Fun Run. Our largest and only fundraising event will kick off with a student pep rally on September 3rd and finish with the Fun Run on Thursday, September 12th. Look for more information when school starts and reserve September 12th to watch your child run and help raise funds for our PTC.
  • Sign up for Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know with the same products, prices, and service, including Prime benefits. Make sure you’re supporting our Maidu PTC by navigating to Your Account >Account Settings > Change your Charity to the Maidu Parent Teacher Club. Next time you shop, direct your browser to and log into your Amazon account to make your purchases. Amazon then donates .5% of eligible purchases directly to our PTC.
  • Shop Shutterfly. Shop Shutterfly through our storefront URL at   to make a purchase and our PTC will receive 8% of your net order!
  • Collect Box Tops. Clip Box Tops and save them over the remainder of summer break. Maidu PTC will hold a contest the beginning of the school year with prizes for the winning class and for the individual student who collects the most Box Tops.
  • Attend PTC Meetings. Everyone is invited to our PTC meetings. They are held one Friday of each month from 12:00-1:00 pm. Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday, August 30th.
  • Volunteer. Come say Hi at the PTC table at Class Assignment Night on August 14th and sign up to help. Also, look for a link in the eWednesday news after school begins to sign up to help in the classroom and with PTC. We encourage you to get involved and to volunteer at least once this coming year.

We look forward to a fun-filled 2019-20 school year. Feel free to contact me at

Ann Marie Perozzi
Maidu PTC President
Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is May 6th - 10th this year.  Room parents are in charge of coordinating activities and disseminating information. Below you’ll find some suggestions for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week to help make a GREAT week for our wonderful staff at Maidu! Please feel free to do whatever you think would make your teacher feel the most special.  We want to let the staff know they are appreciated without disruption class time. PTC staff will be providing lunch for the staff on Friday!

Monday 5/6: Decorate Classroom Door; Bouquet for Teacher; Posters for All Staff

  • Classroom Door: Room parents will decorate the inside of the classroom door. Please note that not all of the classroom doors are the same; consider taking measurements of the door to ensure the poster you create fits properly. The posters must go in the INSIDE of the door. The supply room in the office is available for a work space and for you to use die cuts and paper as needed.
  • Bouquet: Students are encouraged to bring a single flower for the teacher to create a bouquet. Room parents may consider providing a vase for the teacher to assemble flowers into bouquet.
  • Posters for All Staff: Let’s also make the aides and office staff feel special!  Visit the signup here: to sign up to make a poster for a staff member. Do you really appreciate Mrs. Dust’s friendly smile? Volunteer to make her a poster! 

Tuesday 5/7: Words From the Heart

  • Encourage students to write a nice note or draw a picture for their teacher.

Wednesday 5/8: School Supply Day

  • Spoil the teachers with some new school supplies. Students can bring things like pencils, crayons, markers, post its, hand get the idea!

Thursday 5/9: Favorite Color Day

  • Have students wear their teacher’s favorite color. If you need to look up the teacher’s favorite color, you can call the office or ask your teacher.

Friday 5/10: Favorite Things Day

  • Encourage the students to bring the teacher one of her favorite things or a little treat.
  • PTC staff will be providing lunch for the staff on Friday!

Thank you in advance for everyone’s help to make this a special week for our AMAZING staff at Maidu!  Thank you for all you do!

If you have any questions please contact Wendi Sommers (Room Parent Coordinator) through

Dining for Dollars

Dining for Dollars

Mark your calendar with dates for Dining for Dollars! Our wonderful Dining for Dollars coordinator, June Powells-Mays, has booked events at a variety of restaurants for the entire year. Please consider visiting these establishments on the designated date and a percentage of their profits will be sent back to our Maidu PTC. Stay tuned in the eWednesday newsletter for the event time range and required flier you'll need to bring. 

Date Restaurant % Donated
 Thursday, 9/20
Panda Express
970 Sunrise Ave, Roseville
Saturday, 10/13
3988 Douglas Blvd., Roseville
Tuesday, 11/13 
Scoreboards Pizza & Grill
9260 Sierra College Blvd., Roseville
Thursday, 12/13
Krush Burger
1151 Galleria Blvd., Roseville
Tuesday, 1/15
Jack's Urban Eats
8620 Sierra College Blvd., Roseville
Thursday, 2/21
California Pizza Kitchen
1190 Roseville Pkwy, Roseville
Wednesday, 3/13
Dos Coyotes 
2030 Douglas Blvd., Roseville
Thursday, 4/11
Daphne's California Greek
8680 Sierra College Blvd., Roseville
Thursday, 5/16
Papa Murphy's
1927 Douglas Blvd., Roseville
Wednesday, 6/5
 NuYo Frozen Yogurt
9213 Sierra College Blvd., Roseville
Amazon Smile, Box Tops for Education, and Shutterfly

Amazon Smile, Box Tops for Education, and Shutterfly

A shout out of thanks to Breanne McCoy for getting these three programs started for our school and Maidu PTC. These funds help our PTC provide things like supplemental school supplies, assemblies and field trips for our students.


Box Tops FlierBox Tops for Education

Did you know that our school collects box tops AND that they can be found on many products, some of which you probably already have in your pantry? Please clip them out and send them to school with your children! You can drop them in the office or your child can give them to their teacher. Each one is worth cash to our school! You can find a complete list of participating products here.(


Amazon Smile

You can support our Maidu Parent Teacher Club by shopping at Amazon! Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know with the same products, prices and service including Prime benefits.

Amazon Smile FlyerSupporting our Maidu PTC is as easy as typing into your browser*, logging into your Amazon account and shopping for the same qualifying products you would be buying anyway! Amazon then donates a portion of your purchase directly to our PTC.

If you are already using amazon smile, make sure you’re supporting our Maidu PTC by navigating to Your Account >Account Settings > Change your Charity to the Maidu Parent Teacher Club.


The Maidu PTC has now partnered with Shutterfly. Click through our storefront URL at to make a purchase and our PTC will receive 8% of your net order!
Shutterfly Flyer
August 31, 2018 PTC Meeting

August 31, 2018 PTC Meeting

What a great turnout for the PTC Meeting on Friday, August 31st! If you missed the meeting (or there weren't enough printed copies) the handouts are provided here. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to fill-in some of the outstanding roles. Hope to see you next month on September 21st at noon in the library.

Staff Appreciation Back-to-School Luncheon

Staff Appreciation Back-to-School Luncheon

PTC provided a Welcome Back to School luncheon for staff on Friday, August 31st.Thank you to the wonderful parents for helping out: Lauren Sieg, Michelle Wellhouse, Kaylee Branham, Cinthia Wise, and Danielle Kimoto!