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Please access teacher websites through the Staff Directory. The Staff Directory is located in the top right of the page.

Transitional KindergartenTop of Page

Ashleigh Hoslett 

KindergartenTop of Page

Carrie Andrew
Adrienne Evans
Katy Hagman 

1st GradeTop of Page

Katie Black
Lindsay Habian
Molly James
Mindy Krutch

2nd GradeTop of Page

Maureen Berg 
Katherine Ito
Colene Jenkins
Kari Schauer

3rd GradeTop of Page

Colleen DeYager
Shelley MacLeane
Erin Marin
Caitlyn Petersen 

Student ServicesTop of Page

Carrie Cessaro - PreSchool Teacher
Stacie Chastain - PreSchool Speech Therapist
Cari Glass - Intervention
Dave Hunter - School Psychologist
Michelle Kavan - Special Education Teacher 
Alina Klakoff-Black - District Nurse
Corinn Naghavi - Counselor
Joyce Soran - Speech Therapist
Julie Yeh - OT

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