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Please access teacher websites through the Staff Directory. The Staff Directory is located in the top right of the page.

Transitional KindergartenTop of Page

Ashleigh Hoslett - EVA

KindergartenTop of Page

Carrie Andrew
Adrienne Evans
Katy Hagman 
Donna Pool - EVA

1st GradeTop of Page

Samantha Archuleta - EVA
Lindsay Habian
Molly James
Mindy Krutch

2nd GradeTop of Page

Maureen Berg - EVA
Laura Borjon
Katherine Ito
Colene Jenkins

3rd GradeTop of Page

Chelsea Brumfield - EVA
Colleen DeYager
Shelley MacLeane
Erin Marin
Caitlyn Petersen - EVA

Student ServicesTop of Page

Carrie Cessaro - PreSchool Teacher
Stacie Chastain - Speech Therapist
Cari Glass - Intervention
Dave Hunter - School Psychologist
Michelle Kanada - Special Education Teacher 
Alina Klakoff-Black - District Nurse
Stephanie Krisiak - Counselor
Corinn Naghavi - Counselor
Heather Schumacher - Speech Therapist
Julie Yeh - OT

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