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ABC Mouse
(school use only) logo
BrainPop Jr.
Brain POP Jr.
Link to Epic Books
Epic Books
Freckle Website
An illustration of a cat reading a book, and a cow, alligator and snake sitting beside him.
House Series
Jungle Junior Typing Lesson
Jungle Junior
(For Kindergarten and 1st grade only)
McGraw Hill Education - connect ED thumbnail
Reading Wonders
(school use only)
Mouse and pointer tutorial - an illustration of a computer mouse with the ears of an actual mouse in the background
Pearson realize logo
Pearson Math
"Reading Counts!" button
Reading Counts
(School Use Only)
Reading Inventory button
Reading Inventory
(School Use Only)
Sheppard Software - we make learning fun
Sheppard Software
Starfall logo - a star on the bottom right
(school use only)
Typing Club logo - a girl holding a keyboard and mouse
Typing Club
(For 2nd and 3rd grade only)
Link to Zearn Math website
Zearn Math

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