Library Schedule

Books are due back the day that you go to the library! If you would like to renew a book, please bring it with you to the library on your scheduled day.  The schedule is subject to change.
MONDAY- MacLeane, Marin, Reilly/Howard, Jenkins, Berg
TUESDAY- Hoslett, Brearley, Habian, Pool/Laube, Borjon, Ito
WEDNESDAY- DeYager, James, Adrews, Evans
THURSDAY- Pererson, Krutch, Hagman,  
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Library Policies

  • The student who checks out the book is responsible for the book even if it is lost or damaged by another person.
  • Books must be brought to the library to be renewed and/or repaired.
  • Kindergartners and 1st graders check out 1 book per week, returning them the following week. 
  • 2nd and 3rd graders check out 2 books per week, returning or renewing them the following week.
  • Overdue notices will be emailed home when books are more than one week late.
  • Lost books will need to be paid for in order for the student to continue to check out books. Checks for lost books should be written to Maidu Elementary School and given to the librarian.

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