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Thank you to our 2016-17 PTC Board.

Position Contact
Becky VanVelzer
Vice Presidents
Suzy Zavala
Mary Leimbach
Marla Franz
Kari O'Hagan

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Chairs plan the event or run the program; while the Board Liaison is available for questions and support. If you would like to help with a program or event, feel free to email the Board Liaison or Chair.

Program  Description Board Liaison Chair
 All Family Dance Coordinates dance, music, decorations, etc.  open open
Amazon Smile/Raley's Create and send out recruiting messages in eWednesday Blasts. Contact Amazon and Raley's to keep accounts current . open open
 Art Docents Coordinate art docent program for each grade level. Ensure supplies are available. Serve as resource for volunteer questions.
 Kari O'Hagan
Kari O'Hagan
Book Fair Coordinate the Book Fair with Scholastic Books. 
Mary Leimbach
Sarah Massaro
Box Tops Organize the collection and submission of box tops. open
Hilary Gordon
Class Assignment Night Coordinate set-up of tables, class postings, and other logistics. [Aug]
Becky VanVelzer
Marta Bennett
Copy & Admin Office Support Make copies for teachers and organize drop-in volunteers. [Weekly]
Suzy Zavala
Cynthia Acosta
Dine and Donate Connect with local businesses and set school dining nights. Create flyers and signs. [Monthly]
Becky VanVelzer
Shana Press
Lee Mays
Distribution Meet each Tuesday or as needed to copy, sort, and distribute items for Wednesday folders. [Weekly]
Suzy Zavala
Suzy Zavala
District Breakfast Meet twice with district committee to plan District-wide staff breakfast. [Aug/Sept]  Becky VanVelzer
Ann Marie Perozzi
eScrip Promote fundraising through eScrip. Help families get signed up with program. open  open
ESF Art Auction Liaison Attend ESF Art Auction meetings and work with classroom leads to ensure each class has a project at the Art Auction. Mary Leimbach
 Tish Negri
Tammy Eisenbarth
Family Fun Nights Do you have ideas for family fun events (i.e. karaoke, game night, dance, movie night, etc)  Mary Leimbach
Rob Yates - Movie Night
Fall Harvest Festival Arrange food trucks or dinner, harvest games, and crafts. [Oct]  Mary Leimbach
Kristy Locatelli
Food Drive Organize the collection and delivery of donated items. [Nov/Dec]
Kari O'Hagan
Kari O'Hagan
Garden Coordinate planting, foster student and class involvement, coordinate the adopt-a-garden program during summer. Becky VanVelzer open 
Maidu Elementary's 20th Birthday Party Create and organize event. open open
PTC Fundraiser:
Set up meetings, prepare necessary forms, get approvals, determine logistics and scheduling. [Aug-Oct] Becky VanVelzer
Suzy Zavala
Picture Days Assemble volunteers to help on picture day. Work with office staff to establish schedule for classes to have pictures taken. [Fall & Spring]  Becky VanVelzer Sarah Massaro
Room Parents Plan, assemble, and distribute information to room parents at beginning of the year meeting and throughout. Mary Leimbach open 
School Supply Kit Work with school principal to develop school supply kits. [Apr]  Suzy Zavala open 
Scrip Programs Manage Scrip gift card program. Place orders and distribute cards. open  open
Spirit Wear Organize sales and distribution of school apparel. [Fall] open
Sarah Scott
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Organize staff luncheons and special monthly "thank you" treats. [Aug-May]  Becky VanVelzer
Ann Marie Perozzi
Toy Drive Organize the collection and delivery of donated items. [Nov/Dec]  Kari O'Hagan
 Cynthia Acosta
Kari O'Hagan
Volunteers Keep list of volunteers. Use list to recruit volunteers.   Becky VanVelzer
Ann Marie Perozzi
Website Update the website with current information.  Becky VanVelzer  Ann Marie Perozzi

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